The James Bond Story by Andreas

Ch.1 The Plane Crash
One day somebody knocked on our door. I shouted,” I’ll get it!” When I opened the door an FBI agent came in the house and told me, “You have been assigned to protect President Obama. You must protect him till death. Do you wish to accept this mission?”
I asked my mom and dad, they answered proudly, “Okay but be careful.”
I asked the agent, “Where am I meeting President Obama?”
He answered, “At the airport. You will be in his private jet till he reaches Italy and we will come and find you. Here is a suitcase with all the stuff you need.” I opened the suitcase and saw… a weapon and a communicator . The agent told me, “Let’s go. You have plane to catch.”
After 30 minutes, we reached the airport and the agent escorted me to the jet. When I got in I told the president proudly, “President Obama, I will protect you till I die.”
Obama replied weirdly,” You are my bodyguard?”
I answered relaxed, “You will not get a single scratch on you.” Obama told the agent securely, “ Great work.”
The agent told me, “When you reach Italy, use the communicator to call us and we’ll tell you where to bring the president.”
I replied, ”OK.”
So the spy left and the jet took off. Italy was 1 hour and a half from Greece. 1 hour and 15 minutes had passed when the co-pilot took out a gun and shot me in the left arm. That moment I took out a Glock 7 and shot the co pilot on the head and then he dropped down dead. The driver pilot wasn’t a bad guy, but with all that commotion he couldn’t drive the plane so well, so the plane was moving back and forth. Obama shouted, “How are we going to get out of the plane?”
I answered coolly,” We are over water, so get a life jacket and we’re jumping out!” We all put on lifejackets, including the pilot, and then we jumped out of the plane and landed in the sea.
To be continued….

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