Pac Man Attack by Dimitris Bellos

One sunny day in our school, ACS, everyone was playing. It was recess and when the teacher called us we heard α big boom inside the school. Ms. Pappas went to the roof and the floor was shaking and the kids were panicking. There was an air car and inside were 100 Pac Men. Ms Pappas thought that it was fake, but it was real. She started to run down and she called the police.
After five minutes the Pac Men went to the sky again and they left a note saying, “We will come again”.
The next day everyone was very scared, Ms. Pappas didn’t know what to do. Then we heard a boom. Everyone again was afraid and they went out of the building.
One Pac Man took Andrea. He was screaming, “AAAAA”.
Then Ms Pappas called the police. The police came and they started shooting at the Pac Men. Some of the Pac Men died and some of them did not. The police couldn’t stop them. They were very hard to kill. Almost all of the police were dead. After a minute, the last one died. Everyone said, “NO!”
Ms Pappas was trying to find the phone so she could call in the CIA, but she couldn’t find her phone. She remembered that she left the phone in her office, but when she went in, she saw Ms Anny dead. She said, “Oh NO!” She went in her office, but there were ten Pac Men. The Pac Men started attacking Ms. Pappas. After a bit she was dead.
The Pac Men had Andrea and they were trying to escape. Andreas kicked one of them and he started running. He took a book and he threw it at a Pac Man’s head. Andreas was freaking out. I started fighting the Pac Men. Philip and Andreas helped me kill them. We killed a lot.
Later Isaias and Angelos came. Isaias got hit by a Pac Man. Then we saw that he was dead. We continued fighting. It was very difficult. Then we heard a sound, “glo, glo, glo” and all the Pac Men went up to their air car.
Then me, Angelos, Philip and Andreas followed them and we went on their air car. They didn’t hear us or see us. We were lucky.
When they arrived on their planet, we said, “Wow, wow!” Then we saw millions of Pac Men and other monsters. Philip went out of the car, the door closed the moment that he left from there. He remembered that it was outer space and he couldn’t breathe! He started running to the car where we were. We were trying to open the door, he was only out of the car for one minute. Ten seconds later, he died!
Then we found a glass that had some masks that you can use to breathe in space with them. We went out of the air car, we could breathe fine. Then we went to a Pac Man club. We were so impressed by the music, the food, and other stuff. We started dancing. There were a lot of people in the club.
The bar man in this club was a man, his name was Alex and he knew how to play good music and cook great food. He knew everything about that planet. He had been there for ten years and he helped his father with his food and music. He helped us to find the battlestation of the Pac Men. He told us it was very dangerous there and the Pac Men were very strong.
When we arrived there we saw millions of Pac Men and the Pack Man King was ten meters tall and he is the strongest one. Angelos said, “Should we go attack him?” Me, Andreas and Alex said, “Are you stupid?” We are not very strong to beat that monster.” We slept at Alex’s house. He had a big and beautiful house. It was very comfortable.
The next day we ate breakfast. Then we saw from the window the Pac Men going to Earth. Then we grabbed an outer space skateboard and the masks and we went to Earth. They saw us and they started attacking us and we started attacking them too. It was difficult to fight on a board.
Then the Pac Men went so fast and we couldn’t catch them, they arrived at our school. There were only some birds on the soccer field, no people. The Pac Men started burning the classes and then the whole school was on fire. We didn’t cry, but we threw a lot of water so the fire would stop.
It was night and we could not find the Pac Men and other monsters. It was very difficult to search for Pac Men in the dark night. Then we heard, “Munch, munch, munch” and the Pac Men were very close to us and Andreas was dead, but we didn’t cry, we left him there.
Then we heard someone crying, it was Tommy. We ran to pick him up, but he was very heavy. He asked us if we could help him. We said, “Of course,” and we took him to the nurse’s room. We found a lot of good things to use on him. After a bit, he was ok. Then we gave him a gun that could kill the Pac Men.
Then we saw a Pac Man. We followed him, and he went up to the air car. They went again, to space. We took the air car and we went again into space. They were shooting us, and Alex got hit. I took Tommy’s gun and I shot a special place on the air car and the air car exploded.
All the Pac Men were dead. After we went onto Alex’s house and we stayed there for two days. Then the space police went to Alex’s house and put us in jail for a month. We tried to escape, but we couldn’t, our jail was covered with lasers. Alex came and visited us. He gave us some guns and weapons to escape from jail. Next I shot one of the police. Later we shot the others.
The aircraft came and took us from there. We were in the place where all the Pac Men were. We killed a lot of Pac Men like 100 or more, and then we threw a big bomb at all the Pac Men. They died and we won!
Finally, we went down to earth again and our moms were looking for us in the school. We told them we were in the backfield playing football. Our moms said, “OK” and everyone went to his house with his mom.

4 thoughts on “Pac Man Attack by Dimitris Bellos

  1. This story really was awesome! But if I were you I would have cried if my friends died. Great story and I can't wait for the next one!

  2. Dear Dimitri, I liked the way you wrote the Pac Men story, it was really cool!!! It was kind of sad that everybody died but it was really good the way you wrote it. Did the girls died? If the girls died is not fair!!! From,Elena

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