It was a rainy day morning and Dard 1 and Dard 2 (twins) were getting dressed to go the toy store by themselves, because they were 11 yrs old each and the toy store was 1 min from their house.
Two hours later, they were having fun looking for toys, when suddenly a toy police car passed by them, very fast.
Dard 1 said, “How can a toy be alive?”
Dard 2 said, “Let’s follow it!”
They ran following the car and, they saw that all the toys were alive!

Toys were fighting against toys! There was a good and a bad side and they were fighting with toy spears, toy swords, and every weapon they could find. Soon a toy policeman came to Dard 1 and Dard 2 and said,
“Will you be our commanders?”
Dard 1 and Dard 2 discussed the idea, and they both replied,
So Dard 1 shouted, “Everyone retreats!!!”

All the good toys retreated to the storage room and Dard 1 and Dard 2 followed them.
The bad guys started to try to break down, the door but they couldn’t. Dard 1 and Dard 2 said to all the toys,
“We need to have a plan and, attack from all to sides. We can’t just attack and get destroyed. So is there any injured or dead soldier?”
A police man said, “There is 1 dead and 2 heart.”
Dard 1 said, “Show them to us.”
The broken toy was destroyed but Dard 2 knew how to repair toys. The two injured toys had broken legs and the other one a hole in the tummy. Dard 1 started making a plan and Dard 2 was repairing the three toys.

Another week passed, and another, and another, until two months had passed. All this time passed and finally Dard 1 had a plan. Dard 1 explained his plan.
“So we are first going to make teams. You might think the teams are going to be too small because we are only 500, but my brother will made new soldiers, so we will be 1,000. Team 1 is going to come from the ceiling, Team 2 from the base, Team3 from the shelves, Team 4 from the base but with tanks and cars, Team 5 will catch the bad guys. Attention when all the other teams are pretending to be dead. When the bad guys are watching Team 5, all the other Teams are going to get up and attack!”

The next morning Dard 2 had got the 500 more toys ready. He even had time to build better guns and words and shields. So every thing was ready: The plan was ready, all the soldiers were ready, and all the vehicles were ready too. 2 minutes later all the teams were ready to attack. The bad guys were ready too. The battle was ready to start…
The bad guys were searching for the good team when suddenly, Team 1 threw ropes from the ceiling and the soldiers came down shooting. Teams 2 came running from the base and shooting and fighting with swords. Teams 3 jumped from the shelves and attacked. Team 4 came at high speed with vehicles.

They fought for a long time. Nobody died. Then suddenly, all the good guys fell down.
One of the bad guys said, “They’re dead! Hip Hip Hooray!”
Then Team 5 said, “Hey look over here!”
All the bad guys turned around and saw them. Suddenly all the good teams got up, but immediately they fell into pieces!!!

Dard 1 and Dard 2 ran and collected all the pieces and ran back to the base. The bad guys were surprised. They looked up and their team mate come flying in a airplane.
“I shot a special lazer to smash the good guys into pieces !’’he yelled.

Dard 1 and Dard 2 were confused. No toys survived.
So Dard 1 said, “I will go spying on the bad guys to see what smashed the good guys into pieces!”
Dard 2 replied, “Ok go but be observant, because if their machine could destroy toys, it could hurt you! While you are gone, I will start rebuilding them. Ok?”
“Ok” Dard 1 replied.

Each night 1 of the Dards goes and tells their family that they are camping. But one night when Dard 2 was on his way to tell their parents, he heard Dard 1 scream so hard he was heard 5 blocks away! Dard 2 went clashing through all the people, scared by that screaming and when he arrived his brother was gone….!

Dard 2 was looking everywhere, even in the basement where nobody is allowed. Dard 1 was nowhere to be seen. Dard 2 was very sad when he saw a note that said,

Dear Dard 2,

Dard 1 is ok. He is comfortable for now. If you don’t give us 5 million $, Dard 1 and Your Parents will die. You have until tomorrow night at 12:00 PM.
Oh and no police, or you know what!

Your enemy

PS: By the way, nice fight last time

“The toy soldiers have kidnapped my parents and my brother. I should have guessed that!” Dard 2 went home to check how much money his dad has in the bank. He saw 8 million $. “Phew, I’m safe. We have enough,” he said to himself.

The next night he was at 1 min from the meeting time. He was all ready, but there was one problem. Where did he have to go? Suddenly a helicopter landed and toy soldiers came out of it. Dard 2 was surprised because this helicopter was huge and he thought that his enemies were only toys. Dard 2 gave the money to the toys and the toys his family. His family was asleep when they gave him his family.
He said to himself, “This was too easy “

Then he thought of something. If they were toys, they could have made his family into robots. So without thinking, he took a big rock and threw it on Dard 1. Robot Dard 1 exploded!
Dard 2 was right. His family was robots. He had been tricked by evil toys…

To be continued……… Next episode coming soon!

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