We are in a world of questions. We don’t even know our whole world yet. There are many question marks. There are also many answers.

Many of us know well that that there is space and we have proof. We went there!
We would and will not believe a thing if there isn’t proof. If you believe in something like the EIFFEL tower is an alien ship, the people would say you are crazy. Lets say that is sad , because we have learned to only believe in what we see or think is logical.

P E O P L E have learned centuries ago that some people say fictitious facts like there are 12 gods of Olympus of the gods married mortals. Now we believe in more logical and scientific facts.

Now Space is a much larger theme, because we just started learning about it.
Up in the sky there is a layer covering our world and making us feel warm like a quilt. Outside of the OZONE layer (which is the layer that covers us) , it is cold and has no breathing air. It is plain nothing, no gravity, no air , no breeze, just nothing.

In older times, there used to be creatures, what we call now aliens. There is proof , in Mars the scientists found footprints of some kind of a creature. Now Mars is a little bit like earth, but you still cant breathe in there. Oh, and as always in the moon and I quest on Mars there is less gravity. That is why the astronauts that went to the moon were floating and jumping around.

We will find out more when we get more technologically improved. By the way we shouldn’t improve because we destroy our world with every new thing we learn.

We pollute when we invent mechanical stuff. We throw our garbage outside. The more we do that, the less time we have to save our word from catastrophe. We are the ones responsible for this dirt and unhealthiness, which also affects animals. So save and recycle. Also plant trees because every factory in the world cuts wood and so that pollutes the air.

We have to take care of our planet so we wont have to evacuate our planet. Exactly, evacuate our planet because of from all that gas and pollution! We would first have to send special agents, like James Bond agent. Instead of going on a mission on earth, he would go out in space to look for a place to live in! That would take a long time, so I guess after a year of hard work he would find a place, but then what about making shelter, , breathing? Well a lot of organization would have to happen. Also a lot of thinking!

I hope our technology will be better to the environment. That will be important also for space. Because otherwise that’s how we will pollute the space too.

In the universe there are so many things to see and go to , that we haven’t even explored yet. So there is no possibility to know where it stops, nor if there is more. We think that it never stops. It might be true, but it might not because there is no way we will know how far it is as we haven’t even explored it.

Well, now you know about what it is out there and what we are doing to our planet.
Now, it is your turn to save and protect our planet so we wont have to go to space..
Thank you for listening!


4 thoughts on “SPACE, THE UNIVERSE, IS THERE MORE???????? by Barbarita

  1. Wow, I learned lot's of things from you and don't worry for the earth for my whole life i will try to convince people to save the earth and i will do it too! Also Great writing you really made me think of how we have to save our world.Francois

  2. Barbarita I like how you are saying that if we pollute our planet, we will have to send spies not on the planet but, out into space so they can find new planets humans can live on. I also liked your title, space universe is there more????

  3. Wow, Now I know how important recycling is!!!! I will try to plant more trees for our world!!! I am sure that some how we will save are planet!!! I love when you wrote: we will bring Jams Bonds agent!!! Barbarita it was great!!!! Julia

  4. This is really good thinking about the world now and the future. You are obviously interested in science and may be in the future you will help to find some of the solutions to your questions.Good luck and congratulations.Mrs Kynigou's Mum

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