My First English Essay by Elena

I wrote my first English essay when I joined ACS in fourth grade. When I joined ACS, it happened to be a much larger school than the one I was in before, because it has an elementary, middle and a high school.
Now, let’s talk about my fourth grade class!
There were a lot of kids in fourth grade, I think twenty seven students. I had also a good teacher, Mrs. Pap. At school, one day Mrs. Pap told us to write an essay about something, I don’t remember what it was. Sorry! I was really confused; I didn’t know how, so Mrs. Pap showed us how to write an essay! So, I wrote eight pages for my essay.
When I read it didn’t make sense because I was off the topic that she told us to write about.
Now in fifth grade, Mrs. Kynigou told me that almost everyone gets off the topic when you write a lot of pages! Well, now that I can write an essay easier, I will be more careful not to go off topic!
The end!

4 thoughts on “My First English Essay by Elena

  1. We're so lucky to have fascinating teachers, and how did you write an essay t…that is really long? I can't do that! Excellent story!!!

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