The First Time I Swam in a Swimming Pool by Catherine

I don’t really want to remember that day. If I had a paper with a list of all of my worst days, this day would be on the top of that page. I remember everything that happened that day.
It was 2003 when we went to Paros. There was a hotel that had a pool and only a pool. If you look inside its heart there were bubbles coming through. When I saw it, I called it the monster. First, to be sure that the creepy, big, sneaky, scary monster wasn’t the sea, I asked my mother, “Did the sea change color and became bluer.” My mother laughed. I continued and said, “It’s like the sea but is different?” From then until now the pool is my enemy.
That monster (pool) was looking at me. It was like it was saying I am faster than you. I really wanted to go in and make myself feel better that I beat that monster. I started walking through that big path that was right in front me.
I first put my toes in. It was cold like an ice cube that just came out of the refrigerator and cold like the winter air. I made myself to put the other leg inside. This time it was colder. After a while that I was standing there, I had the courage to dive. Finally! When I dived it was like the water pulling me down. That moment I had a very good idea. It wasn’t mine actually, I just have seen people doing it and I thought that will help me a lot. I looked down and I heard a voice saying go up, go up. That was my idea actually from first. I pushed my feet so hard that they hurt and I cried. Everyone looked at me and I said “Mom, look me I am inside the pool.”
From that experience I learned to not give up and that should be a good lesson for you also.

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