It was just one of those same old days at school and I was looking at the time.
I told my friend, “It’s 3:29.”
My friend said, “OK!!!!!”
After school ended I asked my mom, “Can I have a play date with Andrea?”
My mom said, “Of course.”
Andrea and I went to my house. My mom asked, “Do you guys want go to the skate park?”
We shouted “YES!!!!!!”
We went to the skate park but it wasn’t really fun because on my last trick I hurt my hand!!!!! Then we went back to my house and we ate pasta. The pasta was really tasty. After we ate the pasta we watched some T.V.
Soon my dad came in with my dog, Drummer. I hugged Drummer. Andrea and I did our homework, which took us 1 hr. I had left the homework on my desk, but then I screamed to Drummer, “NOT AGAIN! STOP EATING MY HOMEWORK!”
Oh no! I had to do my homework over again which took me 2 hours, because the first time I was copying Andrea. I’m telling you this, I rushed the… um…. the homework and I got a 1.
The next day I had to stay in at recess. At 3:30 I went home complaining, so my mom told me, “Tell Drummer to stop eating your homework!”
I went downstairs to my bedroom and I said, “Drummer if you continue eating my homework you will be a really bad dog!”
That’s when my dog finally stopped eating my homework. However, that wasn’t really fun because he didn’t eat my homework; he ate my chocolate bar instead! That’s when I shouted, “DRUMMER!!”

4 thoughts on “MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK by Philip

  1. I guess that you were very mad! I hope he stops eating everything!oh and you no that chocolate is poison for dogs?Francois

  2. your dog is crazy!! I thought the excuse "My dog ate my homework…" was a ridicoulos excuse, but that it really can happen is something really awsome. I so hope I had a dog…

  3. You should make a sequel of this!! It was funny when you said you were copying Andrea!!Is it really true? Well It was great!!Julia

  4. The dog should have driven you mad. It's so funny when Drummer eats a chocolate bar instead of your homework! How do you react to the dog? Hilarious story!

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