My First Surgery by Roni

It had happened to me once before, when the right side of my stomach hurts. No one believed me that it hurts so much, so we didn’t take care of it. It stopped by itself. After about a month, it started hurting again in a dark evening. It didn’t feel like it was hurting, it felt like someone was pushing the right side of my stomach, after drinking a lot of water while running a lot. I told my parents about it, they said if it still hurts in the morning they might take me to the hospital. I didn’t believe them. I thought it would stop but it never ended and it just got worse. I didn’t sleep at all that night. “What if it’s dangerous?” I told myself. At 5 o’clock in the very early morning I came downstairs to my dad and told him it still hurts. He told me I have to go to the hospital right now. I cried and cried and didn’t stop.
“Why Daddy, why? It’s just a little pain, I’ve had it before!” I yelled. “You had that pain before?” he asked me. “Yes Daddy, I told you!” I answered. He just got dressed quicker and quicker. He told me to get dressed right now for my safety. “But what is it, Dad?” “I’ll tell you the car, now, quick, get ready!” I went upstairs; got dressed (it wasn’t easy when you have pain in the right side of your stomach) and went back downstairs to say good bye to my mom.
We left the house quickly and my dad started driving in our small car. “It’s very dangerous!” he said. I was right, I thought, it was dangerous. “But what is it?” I asked. “You maybe have a virus in your appendix,” he said in a worried voice. “So it’s just a virus?” I asked in a calm voice. I had a lot of questions to ask. “It can pop and you can die, that’s why you have to have surgery to take it out, I had that surgery, my brother had it, and your grandpa had it too.” I was very worried when I heard what he said.
We arrived in the hospital finally. They told me to have a blood test. I did. It hurts a lot. We sat for about an hour to wait for the results.
Finally the results came. I did have to have a surgery. I got a room and called my mom. Dad told her what happened and that I had to have a surgery. She packed my stuff at home, brought my brother and sister to school and came to see me. When she came they took me to a very small room, with so many nurses we barely fit there. They connected a pin to my skin and wrapped it with a lot of bandages. They took me to my room where I had a big bed, my own bathroom and bathtub, a TV and a small bed for one of my parents to sleep in. They connected the other end of the pin to a thin pipe that was connected to a bag with liquid inside, hanging on a metal hanger with wheels.
A doctor came later and told me I will have the surgery now. He put me on a bed with wheels and took me to the elevator. My parents came with me, of course. It felt weird in the elevator, like I was flying. They took me to another room and connected the pin to a different bag. I had a terrible headache. Like I was on a rollercoaster that all it does was spin, spin, spin and spin.
I was in my bed then, in my room in the hospital when I woke up. The doctor was staring at me and so were my parents. I had a lot of bandages on the right side of my stomach. “Do you remember when we put a plastic hat on your hair?” my dad asked. “No Daddy, I don’t remember anything except when I felt dizzy and then fell asleep.” I said.

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