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“Cough, cough!”A sick man lies on a bed in a small hut, dying of an unknown disease and surrounded by doctors from around the world, giving him all types of medications. Then the man dies as the doctors in the hut were wondering, “What could have killed him?”

World wide the world is infected by a mysterious disease, killing them before being cured from it, all medications working too slowly. Other medications are too strong, so they kill the patient. They call it Pandemon. The side effects are: skin cancer, leprosy, and integral bleeding and other even more horrible side effects.

This disease is now spreading faster than any disease ever accounted for. Scientists have recently discovered that this disease is in the air, floating around seeking new victims. Now everyone is in danger…
To be continued…

The James Bond Story by Andreas

Ch.1 The Plane Crash
One day somebody knocked on our door. I shouted,” I’ll get it!” When I opened the door an FBI agent came in the house and told me, “You have been assigned to protect President Obama. You must protect him till death. Do you wish to accept this mission?”
I asked my mom and dad, they answered proudly, “Okay but be careful.”
I asked the agent, “Where am I meeting President Obama?”
He answered, “At the airport. You will be in his private jet till he reaches Italy and we will come and find you. Here is a suitcase with all the stuff you need.” I opened the suitcase and saw… a weapon and a communicator . The agent told me, “Let’s go. You have plane to catch.”
After 30 minutes, we reached the airport and the agent escorted me to the jet. When I got in I told the president proudly, “President Obama, I will protect you till I die.”
Obama replied weirdly,” You are my bodyguard?”
I answered relaxed, “You will not get a single scratch on you.” Obama told the agent securely, “ Great work.”
The agent told me, “When you reach Italy, use the communicator to call us and we’ll tell you where to bring the president.”
I replied, ”OK.”
So the spy left and the jet took off. Italy was 1 hour and a half from Greece. 1 hour and 15 minutes had passed when the co-pilot took out a gun and shot me in the left arm. That moment I took out a Glock 7 and shot the co pilot on the head and then he dropped down dead. The driver pilot wasn’t a bad guy, but with all that commotion he couldn’t drive the plane so well, so the plane was moving back and forth. Obama shouted, “How are we going to get out of the plane?”
I answered coolly,” We are over water, so get a life jacket and we’re jumping out!” We all put on lifejackets, including the pilot, and then we jumped out of the plane and landed in the sea.
To be continued….


It was a rainy day morning and Dard 1 and Dard 2 (twins) were getting dressed to go the toy store by themselves, because they were 11 yrs old each and the toy store was 1 min from their house.
Two hours later, they were having fun looking for toys, when suddenly a toy police car passed by them, very fast.
Dard 1 said, “How can a toy be alive?”
Dard 2 said, “Let’s follow it!”
They ran following the car and, they saw that all the toys were alive!

Toys were fighting against toys! There was a good and a bad side and they were fighting with toy spears, toy swords, and every weapon they could find. Soon a toy policeman came to Dard 1 and Dard 2 and said,
“Will you be our commanders?”
Dard 1 and Dard 2 discussed the idea, and they both replied,
So Dard 1 shouted, “Everyone retreats!!!”

All the good toys retreated to the storage room and Dard 1 and Dard 2 followed them.
The bad guys started to try to break down, the door but they couldn’t. Dard 1 and Dard 2 said to all the toys,
“We need to have a plan and, attack from all to sides. We can’t just attack and get destroyed. So is there any injured or dead soldier?”
A police man said, “There is 1 dead and 2 heart.”
Dard 1 said, “Show them to us.”
The broken toy was destroyed but Dard 2 knew how to repair toys. The two injured toys had broken legs and the other one a hole in the tummy. Dard 1 started making a plan and Dard 2 was repairing the three toys.

Another week passed, and another, and another, until two months had passed. All this time passed and finally Dard 1 had a plan. Dard 1 explained his plan.
“So we are first going to make teams. You might think the teams are going to be too small because we are only 500, but my brother will made new soldiers, so we will be 1,000. Team 1 is going to come from the ceiling, Team 2 from the base, Team3 from the shelves, Team 4 from the base but with tanks and cars, Team 5 will catch the bad guys. Attention when all the other teams are pretending to be dead. When the bad guys are watching Team 5, all the other Teams are going to get up and attack!”

The next morning Dard 2 had got the 500 more toys ready. He even had time to build better guns and words and shields. So every thing was ready: The plan was ready, all the soldiers were ready, and all the vehicles were ready too. 2 minutes later all the teams were ready to attack. The bad guys were ready too. The battle was ready to start…
The bad guys were searching for the good team when suddenly, Team 1 threw ropes from the ceiling and the soldiers came down shooting. Teams 2 came running from the base and shooting and fighting with swords. Teams 3 jumped from the shelves and attacked. Team 4 came at high speed with vehicles.

They fought for a long time. Nobody died. Then suddenly, all the good guys fell down.
One of the bad guys said, “They’re dead! Hip Hip Hooray!”
Then Team 5 said, “Hey look over here!”
All the bad guys turned around and saw them. Suddenly all the good teams got up, but immediately they fell into pieces!!!

Dard 1 and Dard 2 ran and collected all the pieces and ran back to the base. The bad guys were surprised. They looked up and their team mate come flying in a airplane.
“I shot a special lazer to smash the good guys into pieces !’’he yelled.

Dard 1 and Dard 2 were confused. No toys survived.
So Dard 1 said, “I will go spying on the bad guys to see what smashed the good guys into pieces!”
Dard 2 replied, “Ok go but be observant, because if their machine could destroy toys, it could hurt you! While you are gone, I will start rebuilding them. Ok?”
“Ok” Dard 1 replied.

Each night 1 of the Dards goes and tells their family that they are camping. But one night when Dard 2 was on his way to tell their parents, he heard Dard 1 scream so hard he was heard 5 blocks away! Dard 2 went clashing through all the people, scared by that screaming and when he arrived his brother was gone….!

Dard 2 was looking everywhere, even in the basement where nobody is allowed. Dard 1 was nowhere to be seen. Dard 2 was very sad when he saw a note that said,

Dear Dard 2,

Dard 1 is ok. He is comfortable for now. If you don’t give us 5 million $, Dard 1 and Your Parents will die. You have until tomorrow night at 12:00 PM.
Oh and no police, or you know what!

Your enemy

PS: By the way, nice fight last time

“The toy soldiers have kidnapped my parents and my brother. I should have guessed that!” Dard 2 went home to check how much money his dad has in the bank. He saw 8 million $. “Phew, I’m safe. We have enough,” he said to himself.

The next night he was at 1 min from the meeting time. He was all ready, but there was one problem. Where did he have to go? Suddenly a helicopter landed and toy soldiers came out of it. Dard 2 was surprised because this helicopter was huge and he thought that his enemies were only toys. Dard 2 gave the money to the toys and the toys his family. His family was asleep when they gave him his family.
He said to himself, “This was too easy “

Then he thought of something. If they were toys, they could have made his family into robots. So without thinking, he took a big rock and threw it on Dard 1. Robot Dard 1 exploded!
Dard 2 was right. His family was robots. He had been tricked by evil toys…

To be continued……… Next episode coming soon!

Pac Man Attack by Dimitris Bellos

One sunny day in our school, ACS, everyone was playing. It was recess and when the teacher called us we heard α big boom inside the school. Ms. Pappas went to the roof and the floor was shaking and the kids were panicking. There was an air car and inside were 100 Pac Men. Ms Pappas thought that it was fake, but it was real. She started to run down and she called the police.
After five minutes the Pac Men went to the sky again and they left a note saying, “We will come again”.
The next day everyone was very scared, Ms. Pappas didn’t know what to do. Then we heard a boom. Everyone again was afraid and they went out of the building.
One Pac Man took Andrea. He was screaming, “AAAAA”.
Then Ms Pappas called the police. The police came and they started shooting at the Pac Men. Some of the Pac Men died and some of them did not. The police couldn’t stop them. They were very hard to kill. Almost all of the police were dead. After a minute, the last one died. Everyone said, “NO!”
Ms Pappas was trying to find the phone so she could call in the CIA, but she couldn’t find her phone. She remembered that she left the phone in her office, but when she went in, she saw Ms Anny dead. She said, “Oh NO!” She went in her office, but there were ten Pac Men. The Pac Men started attacking Ms. Pappas. After a bit she was dead.
The Pac Men had Andrea and they were trying to escape. Andreas kicked one of them and he started running. He took a book and he threw it at a Pac Man’s head. Andreas was freaking out. I started fighting the Pac Men. Philip and Andreas helped me kill them. We killed a lot.
Later Isaias and Angelos came. Isaias got hit by a Pac Man. Then we saw that he was dead. We continued fighting. It was very difficult. Then we heard a sound, “glo, glo, glo” and all the Pac Men went up to their air car.
Then me, Angelos, Philip and Andreas followed them and we went on their air car. They didn’t hear us or see us. We were lucky.
When they arrived on their planet, we said, “Wow, wow!” Then we saw millions of Pac Men and other monsters. Philip went out of the car, the door closed the moment that he left from there. He remembered that it was outer space and he couldn’t breathe! He started running to the car where we were. We were trying to open the door, he was only out of the car for one minute. Ten seconds later, he died!
Then we found a glass that had some masks that you can use to breathe in space with them. We went out of the air car, we could breathe fine. Then we went to a Pac Man club. We were so impressed by the music, the food, and other stuff. We started dancing. There were a lot of people in the club.
The bar man in this club was a man, his name was Alex and he knew how to play good music and cook great food. He knew everything about that planet. He had been there for ten years and he helped his father with his food and music. He helped us to find the battlestation of the Pac Men. He told us it was very dangerous there and the Pac Men were very strong.
When we arrived there we saw millions of Pac Men and the Pack Man King was ten meters tall and he is the strongest one. Angelos said, “Should we go attack him?” Me, Andreas and Alex said, “Are you stupid?” We are not very strong to beat that monster.” We slept at Alex’s house. He had a big and beautiful house. It was very comfortable.
The next day we ate breakfast. Then we saw from the window the Pac Men going to Earth. Then we grabbed an outer space skateboard and the masks and we went to Earth. They saw us and they started attacking us and we started attacking them too. It was difficult to fight on a board.
Then the Pac Men went so fast and we couldn’t catch them, they arrived at our school. There were only some birds on the soccer field, no people. The Pac Men started burning the classes and then the whole school was on fire. We didn’t cry, but we threw a lot of water so the fire would stop.
It was night and we could not find the Pac Men and other monsters. It was very difficult to search for Pac Men in the dark night. Then we heard, “Munch, munch, munch” and the Pac Men were very close to us and Andreas was dead, but we didn’t cry, we left him there.
Then we heard someone crying, it was Tommy. We ran to pick him up, but he was very heavy. He asked us if we could help him. We said, “Of course,” and we took him to the nurse’s room. We found a lot of good things to use on him. After a bit, he was ok. Then we gave him a gun that could kill the Pac Men.
Then we saw a Pac Man. We followed him, and he went up to the air car. They went again, to space. We took the air car and we went again into space. They were shooting us, and Alex got hit. I took Tommy’s gun and I shot a special place on the air car and the air car exploded.
All the Pac Men were dead. After we went onto Alex’s house and we stayed there for two days. Then the space police went to Alex’s house and put us in jail for a month. We tried to escape, but we couldn’t, our jail was covered with lasers. Alex came and visited us. He gave us some guns and weapons to escape from jail. Next I shot one of the police. Later we shot the others.
The aircraft came and took us from there. We were in the place where all the Pac Men were. We killed a lot of Pac Men like 100 or more, and then we threw a big bomb at all the Pac Men. They died and we won!
Finally, we went down to earth again and our moms were looking for us in the school. We told them we were in the backfield playing football. Our moms said, “OK” and everyone went to his house with his mom.


We are in a world of questions. We don’t even know our whole world yet. There are many question marks. There are also many answers.

Many of us know well that that there is space and we have proof. We went there!
We would and will not believe a thing if there isn’t proof. If you believe in something like the EIFFEL tower is an alien ship, the people would say you are crazy. Lets say that is sad , because we have learned to only believe in what we see or think is logical.

P E O P L E have learned centuries ago that some people say fictitious facts like there are 12 gods of Olympus of the gods married mortals. Now we believe in more logical and scientific facts.

Now Space is a much larger theme, because we just started learning about it.
Up in the sky there is a layer covering our world and making us feel warm like a quilt. Outside of the OZONE layer (which is the layer that covers us) , it is cold and has no breathing air. It is plain nothing, no gravity, no air , no breeze, just nothing.

In older times, there used to be creatures, what we call now aliens. There is proof , in Mars the scientists found footprints of some kind of a creature. Now Mars is a little bit like earth, but you still cant breathe in there. Oh, and as always in the moon and I quest on Mars there is less gravity. That is why the astronauts that went to the moon were floating and jumping around.

We will find out more when we get more technologically improved. By the way we shouldn’t improve because we destroy our world with every new thing we learn.

We pollute when we invent mechanical stuff. We throw our garbage outside. The more we do that, the less time we have to save our word from catastrophe. We are the ones responsible for this dirt and unhealthiness, which also affects animals. So save and recycle. Also plant trees because every factory in the world cuts wood and so that pollutes the air.

We have to take care of our planet so we wont have to evacuate our planet. Exactly, evacuate our planet because of from all that gas and pollution! We would first have to send special agents, like James Bond agent. Instead of going on a mission on earth, he would go out in space to look for a place to live in! That would take a long time, so I guess after a year of hard work he would find a place, but then what about making shelter, , breathing? Well a lot of organization would have to happen. Also a lot of thinking!

I hope our technology will be better to the environment. That will be important also for space. Because otherwise that’s how we will pollute the space too.

In the universe there are so many things to see and go to , that we haven’t even explored yet. So there is no possibility to know where it stops, nor if there is more. We think that it never stops. It might be true, but it might not because there is no way we will know how far it is as we haven’t even explored it.

Well, now you know about what it is out there and what we are doing to our planet.
Now, it is your turn to save and protect our planet so we wont have to go to space..
Thank you for listening!


My First English Essay by Elena

I wrote my first English essay when I joined ACS in fourth grade. When I joined ACS, it happened to be a much larger school than the one I was in before, because it has an elementary, middle and a high school.
Now, let’s talk about my fourth grade class!
There were a lot of kids in fourth grade, I think twenty seven students. I had also a good teacher, Mrs. Pap. At school, one day Mrs. Pap told us to write an essay about something, I don’t remember what it was. Sorry! I was really confused; I didn’t know how, so Mrs. Pap showed us how to write an essay! So, I wrote eight pages for my essay.
When I read it didn’t make sense because I was off the topic that she told us to write about.
Now in fifth grade, Mrs. Kynigou told me that almost everyone gets off the topic when you write a lot of pages! Well, now that I can write an essay easier, I will be more careful not to go off topic!
The end!

The Cheetah by Yasmina

The cheetah, runs so freely
Through the wonderful world,
In one blink of an eye you see him
Then the next…
He vanishes in to thin air.
They are so fast and beautiful.

The baby cubs await
Their loving mother,
So full of care.
So proud with her head held high,
And the spots on her body.
Each cheetah so special and unique
The outstanding cheetah,
The beautiful cheetah
A part of our wonderful world!
You wouldn’t believe the sight,
If one passed you by.

So… save our cheetahs
They need our help!
The amount decreases every year,
One bye one, they disappear!!!

The First Time I Swam in a Swimming Pool by Catherine

I don’t really want to remember that day. If I had a paper with a list of all of my worst days, this day would be on the top of that page. I remember everything that happened that day.
It was 2003 when we went to Paros. There was a hotel that had a pool and only a pool. If you look inside its heart there were bubbles coming through. When I saw it, I called it the monster. First, to be sure that the creepy, big, sneaky, scary monster wasn’t the sea, I asked my mother, “Did the sea change color and became bluer.” My mother laughed. I continued and said, “It’s like the sea but is different?” From then until now the pool is my enemy.
That monster (pool) was looking at me. It was like it was saying I am faster than you. I really wanted to go in and make myself feel better that I beat that monster. I started walking through that big path that was right in front me.
I first put my toes in. It was cold like an ice cube that just came out of the refrigerator and cold like the winter air. I made myself to put the other leg inside. This time it was colder. After a while that I was standing there, I had the courage to dive. Finally! When I dived it was like the water pulling me down. That moment I had a very good idea. It wasn’t mine actually, I just have seen people doing it and I thought that will help me a lot. I looked down and I heard a voice saying go up, go up. That was my idea actually from first. I pushed my feet so hard that they hurt and I cried. Everyone looked at me and I said “Mom, look me I am inside the pool.”
From that experience I learned to not give up and that should be a good lesson for you also.


It was just one of those same old days at school and I was looking at the time.
I told my friend, “It’s 3:29.”
My friend said, “OK!!!!!”
After school ended I asked my mom, “Can I have a play date with Andrea?”
My mom said, “Of course.”
Andrea and I went to my house. My mom asked, “Do you guys want go to the skate park?”
We shouted “YES!!!!!!”
We went to the skate park but it wasn’t really fun because on my last trick I hurt my hand!!!!! Then we went back to my house and we ate pasta. The pasta was really tasty. After we ate the pasta we watched some T.V.
Soon my dad came in with my dog, Drummer. I hugged Drummer. Andrea and I did our homework, which took us 1 hr. I had left the homework on my desk, but then I screamed to Drummer, “NOT AGAIN! STOP EATING MY HOMEWORK!”
Oh no! I had to do my homework over again which took me 2 hours, because the first time I was copying Andrea. I’m telling you this, I rushed the… um…. the homework and I got a 1.
The next day I had to stay in at recess. At 3:30 I went home complaining, so my mom told me, “Tell Drummer to stop eating your homework!”
I went downstairs to my bedroom and I said, “Drummer if you continue eating my homework you will be a really bad dog!”
That’s when my dog finally stopped eating my homework. However, that wasn’t really fun because he didn’t eat my homework; he ate my chocolate bar instead! That’s when I shouted, “DRUMMER!!”

“ Kindergarten Stagefright” by Tan

I hate those teachers. They gave me the script and said memorize it. I didn’t know what to do. I thought to myself, “What is this woman trying to tell me?” They gave out the scripts and sent me home.
I took the script. It looked like it was written in Japanese words. I looked and looked and couldn’t figure out what it said. I went to my brother and asked for help. There was no sound. I asked again, “Help me, brother.” No sound. It got on my nerves. “HELLO! I AM HERE, NEEDING YOUR HEEEEEEEELP!!!” That wasn’t right thing to say. With a ROOOOOOR, the door opened. He said, “GET OUT OF HERE!!! I CAN’T HELP YOU. ASK MY PARENTS,” and shut the door. (Now you can’t see that every day.)
And so first I went to my father, and he said he had work to do. Then I went to my mother and she said, “You start studying, I will come in a second.” But she never came, so the work was on me. I went to my room, shut the door and started reading. It was really hard. I tried to read and read it. But even if I read it, I didn’t get it. I studied for hours and finally the day came.
I was waiting back stage. Every time the audience clapped, my heart beat faster and faster. It was my turn. I wanted to just run away, but I couldn’t. They said my name. The teacher said, “Get on the stage,” but I stayed still like a branch.
I was scared. I was shaking. I was shaking. I said to myself, “I can’t do it.” I looked back at the teacher. Her eyes glowed like a star. I was stepping little steps toward the stage. Every time I stepped, I heard people breathing. I walked so slowly.
I was on the stage. The microphone was 2 inches away from my mouth. Suddenly I forgot my lines. I didn’t remember anything.
Everybody looked at me waiting for me to say something, but what I remember was it started with “the”. Then I remembered on and on through my paragraph. And that was that. I did it. I believed in myself and I did it. Every one clapped. I was smiling so wide that my mouth almost ripped. But I was so happy, and when I came back home I said to myself, I don’t need anyone to help me. I don’t need anyone to tell me how to say the words. I just needed to believe in myself, and so I did and that’s what I got:
Happiness and a clap from the audience and especially from
my family.

My First Surgery by Roni

It had happened to me once before, when the right side of my stomach hurts. No one believed me that it hurts so much, so we didn’t take care of it. It stopped by itself. After about a month, it started hurting again in a dark evening. It didn’t feel like it was hurting, it felt like someone was pushing the right side of my stomach, after drinking a lot of water while running a lot. I told my parents about it, they said if it still hurts in the morning they might take me to the hospital. I didn’t believe them. I thought it would stop but it never ended and it just got worse. I didn’t sleep at all that night. “What if it’s dangerous?” I told myself. At 5 o’clock in the very early morning I came downstairs to my dad and told him it still hurts. He told me I have to go to the hospital right now. I cried and cried and didn’t stop.
“Why Daddy, why? It’s just a little pain, I’ve had it before!” I yelled. “You had that pain before?” he asked me. “Yes Daddy, I told you!” I answered. He just got dressed quicker and quicker. He told me to get dressed right now for my safety. “But what is it, Dad?” “I’ll tell you the car, now, quick, get ready!” I went upstairs; got dressed (it wasn’t easy when you have pain in the right side of your stomach) and went back downstairs to say good bye to my mom.
We left the house quickly and my dad started driving in our small car. “It’s very dangerous!” he said. I was right, I thought, it was dangerous. “But what is it?” I asked. “You maybe have a virus in your appendix,” he said in a worried voice. “So it’s just a virus?” I asked in a calm voice. I had a lot of questions to ask. “It can pop and you can die, that’s why you have to have surgery to take it out, I had that surgery, my brother had it, and your grandpa had it too.” I was very worried when I heard what he said.
We arrived in the hospital finally. They told me to have a blood test. I did. It hurts a lot. We sat for about an hour to wait for the results.
Finally the results came. I did have to have a surgery. I got a room and called my mom. Dad told her what happened and that I had to have a surgery. She packed my stuff at home, brought my brother and sister to school and came to see me. When she came they took me to a very small room, with so many nurses we barely fit there. They connected a pin to my skin and wrapped it with a lot of bandages. They took me to my room where I had a big bed, my own bathroom and bathtub, a TV and a small bed for one of my parents to sleep in. They connected the other end of the pin to a thin pipe that was connected to a bag with liquid inside, hanging on a metal hanger with wheels.
A doctor came later and told me I will have the surgery now. He put me on a bed with wheels and took me to the elevator. My parents came with me, of course. It felt weird in the elevator, like I was flying. They took me to another room and connected the pin to a different bag. I had a terrible headache. Like I was on a rollercoaster that all it does was spin, spin, spin and spin.
I was in my bed then, in my room in the hospital when I woke up. The doctor was staring at me and so were my parents. I had a lot of bandages on the right side of my stomach. “Do you remember when we put a plastic hat on your hair?” my dad asked. “No Daddy, I don’t remember anything except when I felt dizzy and then fell asleep.” I said.